Interview Tips

Your goal is to conclude the interview with the hiring authority wanting to move to the next step towards hiring you… and that is with both the phone interview and the in-person interview. While this is basic interview 101, too many candidates do not achieve their goal due to poor or no preparation. With a minimal amount of planning and preparing, you can position yourself in the driver’s seat: the interviewer is interested and ready to prepare an offer, you are in a strong position for the salary negotiations, and the decision is yours. This section will show you how to stack the odds in your favor.

  • Thoroughly review the web site of the company you are interviewing with.
  • Understand the Position Description’s key points and make sure you address each point and how your experience and achievements relates to your success in that position.
  • If it is a telephone interview make sure you have your resume in front of you, be at a place where there are no external distractions and you will not be interrupted. It is important that you speak very clearly and distinctly with confidence in your voice. Remember a smile comes through over the phone as does a pause and hesitation.
  • Prepare for each and every interview by reading and following the interview tips your recruiter will provide for you. Also review the articles provided.