Ingredients Necessary for a Successful Hire

Start with the right search firm for your company’s needs

  • Specializes in your industry
  • Strong professional reputation
  • Experienced and ethical recruiter
  • Work with a recruiter you trust and enjoy working with
  • Partner with your recruiter in the search process including the compensation negotiations

Conduct an organized, thorough and professional interview

  • Prepare the interview team for the interview
  • Organize and establish interview questions specific for the position
  • Stay on schedule
  • Properly utilize your recruiter throughout the entire interview/hire process

Select a strong qualified candidate

  • Possesses professional career history
  • Prior quality companies that fit with your services, products and rates
  • Longevity with prior employers
  • Experience and goals align with your company and the position
  • Consider the fit with management style for best performance
  • Utilize the recruiter to extend a respectful offer which will hold the candidate’s interest and loyalty

Complete a thorough background investigation

  • Team up with your search firm to conduct thorough due diligence
  • Complete formal industry work history references
  • Complete Criminal, DMV, Social Security and in some cases Financial investigations
  • Re-examine job specifications with candidate’s background and experience to confirm fit for success

Provide the proper environment for your new employee

  • Offer adequate introduction, orientation and training
  • Provide strong leadership and management
  • Provide support and positive motivation
  • Provide a mentoring plan
  • Provide solution solving when problems arise
  • Provide a suitable career path
  • Keep realistic expectations and goals
  • Set and keep scheduled evaluation meetings
  • Establish a system for necessary communication and up dates of company goals and direction and personnel changes
  • Provide stable and professional work environment
  • Provide all the tools necessary to perform his job