Mergers & Acquisitions

KeySearch International M & A services have developed over the years as the transportation logistics industry has undergone change and restructure. The target range of our M&A activities is with the small to mid-sized transportation companies from approximately $5 million to $500 million. There are many factors that all play a critical role rather you are buying or selling. We work closely with our clients to thoroughly understand their objectives and goals to structure the strategy to achieve individual goals. We do this by leveraging our market insight with the trusted relationships we have developed over the many years we have been in business. Mergers & Acquisitions is an opportunity-rich strategy if it is planned and executed well. We find and introduce these opportunities and provide the following services to our clients to assist in reaching their goals…
  • Identifying targets for buyers and sellers
  • Identify prospective acquisition targets for Private Equity firms
  • Identifying Private Equity firms and/or Venture Capitalist to assist companies seeking recapitalization
  • Partnership or family transitions
  • Selection of proven leadership teams to develop the various business ventures with varying goals.


There are many reasons a company decides to acquire another company whether it is to grow or add market share, products, verticals, services or add geographic locations. And there are many considerations to analyze such as size, organizational culture, management team and personnel as well as cost to return. Truly exceptional match-ups are often difficult to find and recognize. KeySearch International will partner with you to obtain a comprehensive understanding of your company’s business goals, culture, philosophy, review your overall strategy, timetable, and financial requirements. Utilizing this information along with our long term relationships and experience it is our goal to identify and present introductions of value to our clients.


There are various options a seller may consider for their company depending on many factors and goals each seller wants to achieve. An owner or CEO of a company may decide the timing is right to sell, or merge the company or to find a strategic partnership that will fit that will further both company’s goals. KeySearch International will obtain a full understanding of your company, culture, products and services, goals, timing, objectives, and financial requirements. We identify companies and opportunities that will best assist you in reaching your objectives.