Executive Search
KeySearch International is an International Executive Search Firm specializing in the Transportation Industries. We bring corporations with specific needs together with pre-screened, qualified candidates through discreet third-party recruitment. Our goal is to obtain the most talented professionals in the industry.
Mergers & Acquisitions
Specializing in the executive levels of the transportation industry puts us in touch with those individuals who are making future decisions for their companies. In some cases, the decision is to grow or acquire a market share by merger or acquisition of another company. In other instances, the decision is made to sell the company or merge with another compatible one. KeySearch International functions as a “Finder.” We screen companies on all the relative data such as revenue and the management philosophies and goals.
Training & Education
Utilizing our vast network of talents, KeySearch International can assist our clients with individuals or teams to train and educate companies with varying needs to keep pace with today’s changing competitive industry and successful results driven interviewing techniques.
Management Consulting
KeySearch International assists companies expanding into new products with experts in those fields. We work with our clients to customize a tailor-made program to meet each and every need, goal, and timeframe. We have assisted in a number of areas including:
  • International/ Domestic development
  • FMC, IATA and ISO certification
  • On-Boarding of executives
  • IT and Financial consultants
  • Acquisition preparations